Real Estate

Ability to manage complex fund structures with full look through capability.

A smart choice for your real estate administration.

Our dedicated team of experts, supported by state-of-the-art technology, provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the fund lifecycle.
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Digital investor onboarding

We understand that your fund's launch is the initial point of contact for your investors as GP, we acknowledge the paramount importance of this experience.
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Onboarding project management

We will assist you in project managing the launch of your fund & associated SPV’s from providing feedback on governing documents to assisting you through to launch.
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Technology builds

At the point of onboarding, we will lay the groundwork for our systems to effortlessly take in your data, merge it, and present it to you in a clear, transparent manner.
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Real-time monitoring of administrative tasks

Our platform enables clients execute and monitor your day-to-day tasks, such as handling capital events, processing deal payments, and managing expenses.
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Full Transparency

We have the ability to give you and your investors full transparency into the most complex of structures, we can generate reporting to support lookthrough to the most granular level.
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Financial statement creation

We can generate financial statements directly from the system using multiple accounting standards where necessary.
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