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Aurum is the central component of the Alchelyst technology solution, enabling clients and their service partners to engage with Alchelyst in an automated way.

Capital Events

The capital events module streamlines all capital lifecycle events, enabling GP’s to digitally initiate and monitor capital events online with precision and ease.
Dashboard Aurum by alchelyst
Screenshot of Aurum by alchelyst

Fund Overview

Fund overview can be accessed anytime anywhere, providing you with a real time snapshot of your funds capital status. Detailing commitments, contributions, distributions, and remaining commitments at a click of a button.

Payment Centre

Our payments centre allows clients the capability to easily instruct payments utilising a client specific approval process, complemented by a transparent workflow monitor.
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a screenshot of the dashboard Aurum by alchelyst

Report Centre

Acting as a central hub for all client reporting needs, it enables access to both current and historical data whenever necessary. The robust entitlements framework allows Alchelyst grant access to your partners to the same data you have.

Fund Data Room

Our Fund Data Room provides you with the opportunity to showcase your current offering to investors, allowing you to engage prospective investors by easily sharing the overview of your offering, key information, and promotional videos.

Investor Onboarding

We utilise smart forms with conditional logic to save an Investor’s time throughout the onboarding cycle. Our technology enables us to expedite your close and provide real-time visibility with dynamic integrations across our platforms.

Reporting Portal

Streamlines access to financial information, enhancing transparency and communication with investors. Offering real-time data and analytics of investments.

Aurum has been constructed with a strong focus on meeting our clients’ requirements.

Aurum offers access to a unique suite of technologies delivering clients a distinctive digital interaction with Alchelyst, handling tasks such as capital calls, providing daily reports, processing expenses, and, managing audits.

Utilizing low code technologies, we can swiftly adapt to your ever-evolving needs.

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The platform is supported by industry-leading solutions.


Next-gen fund accounting software for private markets.

Combining a modern financial engine with a customizable low-code platform, it supports the unique needs of the private markets industry at scale.
Deep Pool

Investor servicing and compliance solutions application.

Deep Pool's advanced multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering and FATCA/CRS reporting capabilities designed to solution a growing array of regulatory obligations.

Finbourne offers a modern financial data stack for fund administration firms.

Its highly extendible and configurable model provides automated support across a wide range of instruments, from OTC derivatives to public and private markets. By leveraging industry-standard APIs, it enables automation and straight-through processing, supported by robust workflows and exception management tools.

Digital onboarding and reporting solution.

Goji offers technology to digitise and automate the end-to-end investor lifecycle, including onboarding, KYC / AML verification through to the subscription process. It offers transparent, real-time access to fund and portfolio performance metrics and reports.

Cloud reconciliation software simplifying data ingestion, transformation, and delivery.

FundRecs automatically processes various file types including XLS, CSV, SWIFT, PDF, TXT, and XML. It combines, enriches, and analyses data automatically, enabling any type of reconciliation at any interval.
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