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We are a full service fund administrator across all Alternative asset classes.

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Redefining the service standard for our clients and their Investors.

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Majority owned by current and future employees.

We aim to transform the experience for our clients and colleagues by modernising the Alternative Fund servicing industry.

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Employee-Owned, Client-Centric Excellence

Our employees are owners of this business encouraging a longer tenure which is critical in a client service organisation.
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80 Years of Global
Service Leadership

Our founders have over 80 years experience building, transforming and growing some of the largest global fund service providers.
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Independently run, client and employee centric business that is leveraging modern technology to create something unique.

The Alchelyst approach to industry challenges

We have designed our solutions with a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the market and the evolving needs of our clients.
High Staff Turnover
High industry growth and a lack of investment in infrastructure has led to increased employee dissatisfaction resulting in record staff turnover.
Legacy Technology
Our industry is built on legacy technology that is unable to meet the demand for more frequent and transparent data.
Poor Client Experience
The client service in our industry is outdated, causing friction for GPs and managers in the investor experience.
One size doesn’t fit all
The very nature of the alternative investment space is that every fund is unique.
High Staff Turnover
At Alchelyst we are all owners of the business and committed to its success.
Legacy Technology
At Alchelyst we have started from a blank canvas giving us the ability to exploit modern technologies.
Poor Client Experience
We are a boutique without bureaucracy. Your clients are our clients.
One size doesn’t fit all
We understand this and have created an infrastructure to handle the bespoke nature of the industry.

At Alchelyst, we deliver excellent service driven by motivated people working with the best technology available.

Central to our approach is a deep-seated commitment to technology and people. We will push the boundaries to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.
Private Equity

Private Equity

We create a scalable and efficient infrastructure for GP’s and LP’s so that they can concentrate on fund performance.
Private Credit

Private Credit

Servicing this fast-growing asset class requires technology and expertise that straddles open ended and closed ended operating models.
Real Estate

Real Estate

Ability to manage complex fund structures with full look through capability.
Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

Cutting edge solutions encompassing accounting, operations, and investor relations.
Emerging Managers

Emerging Managers

Tailored services designed to support your growth, from start-up to scale.
Fund Of Funds

Fund Of Funds

Real-time full FoF structure transactional processing with full look-through.
Our technology platform

Aurum, our proprietary solution designed to facilitate collaborative interaction.

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Legal Advisor
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Depositary Analyst
Regulatory Reporting Specialist
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Senior Auditor
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Bank Compliance Officer
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Corporate Services Manager
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Aurum is the central hub supporting all your information and data requirements
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Reach out to acquire further information.

If you have a project in mind or wish to delve deeper into our services feel free to get in touch with our team.
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