Fund of Funds

Real-time full FoF structure transactional processing with full look-through.

A smart choice for your fund of funds administration.

Our dedicated team of experts, supported by state-of-the-art technology, provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the fund lifecycle.
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Dedicated & experienced support

Rely on a dedicated team of subject matter experts to provide exceptional support and expertise throughout the entire process.
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Investor services

Our experienced team has streamlined investor processes using advanced technology for real-time investment metrics and simplified onboarding.
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Fees, profit allocations, and carried interest

We manage complex calculations of fees, profit allocations, and carried interest accurately and transparently.
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Financial, investor, and performance reporting

Stay informed with detailed reports on financials, investor activities, and fund performance, gaining valuable insights.
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Data analytics and integration

Leverage the power of data analytics and seamless integration to make informed decisions and optimize performance.
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Coordination with other service providers

We ensure effective collaboration by coordinating with other service providers involved in managing your fund of funds.
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